Altis Belém Hotel, Lisbon
  February 2nd, 2017
Explore how companies are employing NoSQL to power their mission-critical web, mobile, and IoT applications in the Digital Economy.

During the Executive Session you will:
  • Learn the basics of NoSQL databases and why organizations around the world are building new web, mobile, and IoT applications on this technology;
  • Identify use cases that are a best fit for NoSQL;

In the Technical Workshop you will:
  • Understand the basics of NoSQL data modeling, application design, development and administration;
  • Learn how to download, install, and get started with Couchbase
  • Be introduced to SQL for JSON – a SQL-based query language for document databases;
  • See how mobile is becoming a key requirement for the enterprise and learn about Couchbase’s innovative mobile capabilities – which include a database for the device and configurable synchronization.