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Easy, Fast, Smooth, Safe, Simple, Secure CentOS Linux Migration to RHEL with

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Do your migration before June 30, 2024!


Choose consistency when
migrating from CentOS Linux

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Organizations that use CentOS Linux® currently face a choice. Updates and releases of CentOS Linux 8 were discontinued as of December 31, 2021, and will be discontinued for CentOS Linux 7 on June 30, 2024. As you transition to a new operating system, look for an operating system that supports modern business needs. If you’re using CentOS Linux, now is the time to start exploring your migration options and creating a strategy for when your operating system reaches end of life.

Syone, as a Premier Red Hat partner, can help you transition with a consistent, stable platform for modern business needs
— today and in the future. Moving to Red Hat® Enterprise Linux gives you direct access to the latest Linux innovations, certified for use with Red Hat’s portfolio of software, automation, and management technologies.


Special Offer Now Availabe!

Syone customers can purchase a 1-year or 3-year subscription at a discounted price!


Benefits of moving from CentOS to RHEL:


Cost Savings 

According to IDC, organizations that purchase Red Hat Enterprise Linux subscriptions versus using a free, unsupported OS see a greater return on investment. 573% three-year ROI!


Streamlined Migration with Minimal Disruption

The Red Hat migration tool, Convert2RHEL automatically determines the conversion path based on the CentOS Linux version, prepares the system for conversion, replaces OS packages with Red Hat Enterprise Linux equivalents while maintaining your customizations, configurations, and preferences.


Built-in Security and Compliance Capabilities

Mitigate your risk of being exposed to vulnerabilities with automated and repeatable security controls, enforce security configuration and policy, and streamline your compliance strategy.



Long-term supported operating system life cycles increase stability and return on investment (ROI). A Red Hat Enterprise Linux
subscription includes 10 years of updates and support—including access to advanced security features, patches, and guidance—for major releases.


Analytics and Automation 

Increase efficiency and performance by using configuration and utilization data from your deployment, take advantage of rule-based analytical models that provide data insights, and provide notifications about configuration issues that could affect reliability and performance before they cause unplanned downtime.


Extensive Partner Ecosystem  

Maintain your preferred hardware, software, and cloud vendors. To meet your business needs, Red Hat partners with: 5,000+ certified third-party hardware vendors, 4,500+ certified third-party software vendors, 140+ certified cloud providers.