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Escape the common struggles of cloud deployments and innovate faster with Couchbase Autonomous Operator.


Natively integrated with open source Kubernetes and Red Hat OpenShift, Couchbase Autonomous Operator enables you to automate the management of everyday tasks, improving development and DevOps efficiency. Built as a cloud-agnostic platform, this solution allows you to run a database on any infrastructure or cloud.


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Run and manage Couchbase autonomously on Kubernetes


Couchbase Autonomous Operator enables you to easily deploy, manage and monitor Couchbase Data Platform by running natively on any Kubernetes platform, like OpenShift. With this solution you can run and scale stateful applications autonomously in any cloud or infrastructure, simplifying a hybrid or multi-cloud strategy. Deploy automated operational best practices for greater development and DevOps efficiency.


Innovate faster by autonomously running stateful applications

Reduce your DevOps workload by running Couchbase as an autonomous, fully managed stateful database application next to your microservices applications on the same Kubernetes platform. Automate the management of everyday tasks such as the configuration, creation, scaling, upgrade and self-healing of Couchbase clusters.

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Hybrid cloud and multi-cloud strategy

Count on a cloud-agnostic application deployment and management platform that treats cloud providers like commodities and enables you to migrate between clouds freely.

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Autonomous Operator and OpenShift

With Red Hat OpenShift you can create and modernize your microservices applications faster, both in multi-cloud and hybrid-cloud environments. Besides that, developers can easily deploy Couchbase clusters with persistent volumes and this way deliver the scale, agility, and velocity that you require.

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We are Red Hat and Couchbase Certified Partners

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