One of Spain’s ministries wished to provide personalized content to citizens through the identification of browsing patterns of it’s web portals.


Syone came out with a proposal for the installation and configuration of a Big Data solution, supported by Hortonworks Data Platform and related tools. The data from web log servers is loaded into the HDFS via NFS and Flume, then analyzed by MapReduce algorithms through Hive and PIG. The information is explored in Microsoft Excel using a ODBC connection.

Raw data is imported from the logs of Servers web and Google Analytics through NFS and HDFS Flume for distributed system. The imported data is then analyzed and worked with MapReduce algorithms to allow creating the necessary structure for display in the same way that generates value. The processed information is loaded into Hive to allow access via ODBC by visualization tools such as Microsoft Excel.


The project is currently ongoing. Syone anticipated as well an annual subscription for a positioning and search engine optimization solution for the ministries Sistrix company portals.