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How Syone Enhanced an International FMCG chain's Operations with Managed Services

Client Case Study

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Facing the Challenge

  In 2022, Syone's Managed Services were brought in to help an international FMCG chain, known for its discount supermarket operations across Europe and the United States, to address the critical need for improving manual processes and document handling across their Portuguese logistics centers and stores.

Transforming Retail Operations with Managed Services


  • Unlock new possibilities Explore how Syone's managed services revolutionized retail operations for a leading FMCG chain.

  • Innovative Partnership: Syone collaborated with the FMCG chain to implement a comprehensive managed services platform, enhancing infrastructure visibility and operational efficiency.

  • Immediate Benefits: The FMCG chain experienced significant improvements in operational efficiency, reduced incident volume, and faster resolution times, allowing it to concentrate on core business activities.

  • Syone's Commitment: Syone's strategic implementation and ongoing support ensured the successful adoption of managed services, optimizing support processes and enhancing infrastructure stability.


About Syone

From Portugal to the world, Syone works with leading companies by implementing mission-critical projects and helping organizations to increase agility with Digital Transformation and Open Source technologies.