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Red Hat OpenShift Datasheet

Digital Transformation is necessary to follow the customer needs and competitive demand.
OpenShift is based on Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) and gives the ability to easily and quickly build, deploy and scale applications.

It includes all the tools that your business needs to be efficient and agile:

  • Integrate your applications with other systems, orchestrate and deploy across hybrid environments;
  • Build your container easily using the source-to-image framework and choose the programming language you want;
  • Based on Kubernetes to bring orchestration and a better management of your wide range of containers.


Why Red Hat OpenShift?

  • It’s designed to overcome every issue related to deploying centralised applications so you can adopt a more systematic approach
  • Build a platform that answers to your needs and overcome the PaaS providers restrictions with the IaaS flexibility together.
  • It includes Kubernetes for containers orchestration and management that enables an easy deployment and scaling.

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