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Do you have a passion for technology and want to invest in your future? Then apply for our Summer Internships program! You’ll have the opportunity to get familiar with the IT market and join a great team that will help you grow and further develop your skills.

The Syone Summer Internship program is a paid internship designed for graduates or undergraduates that are interested in working in IT.

During this time, the interns will be involved in real IT projects being monitored by one of our experts for individual and personalized training and support.

Besides the internship, the company's general training program will also be made available for all interns, providing the possibility to learn beyond the proposed opportunity.


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1-2 months length

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  • Simplify SW development with Rapid Applications Development!

    Let´s make things better! This internship's goal is to simplify and streamline software development processes, establishing a non-intrusive model for development teams, creating an agnostic Rapid Application Development environment. You will have the opportunity to work with the market's prime used development languages, .NET and/or Java. (full-remote will be considered)

    Desired Skills - .NET, Java, Analytic Thinking, Programming

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  • Modelling Syone’s internal structure with Enterprise Architecture!

    This internship's goal is for you to understand the main concepts and frameworks of Enterprise Architecture Solutions, modeling Syone's internal structure. In a very practical approach, we will share know-how behind the construction of models related to Business, Informational, Application and Technological layers and we’ll also cover the traceability among the various layers of this architecture. We’ll demonstrate the main functionalities of PowerDesigner's powerful tools in a real enterprise context while opening the opportunity of working with the best EA consultants in our company. (full-remote will be considered)

    Desired Skills – Analysis, Business Communications, BPMN, Architecture

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  • Transform our gamification program into a Mobile App!

    We live in a world of mobile phones! Would you like to learn how to programme them? In this internship the goal is to develop a new application in React Native to connect with an existing backend. This application will transform our gamification program into a more interactive competition! This project will be developed using React Native, iOS and Android (full-remote will be considered)

    Desired Skills – iOS, Android, Mobile Applications.

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  • Simplify hiring processes through an ATS web app development!

    Do you wanna help automate and simplify Syone’s hiring process? Do you have the skills to develop a web application? We are waiting for you! The purpose of this internship is to develop an internal Application Tracking System. This app will focus on 3 modules for automatic CV screening, automatic filling of CV forms and a client portal. You will have the opportunity to work with technologies such as Angular and .NET Core. (full-remote will be considered)

    Desired Skills – Angular, .NET Core

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  • Docs Analysis with Machine Learning and Cognitive Computing!

    How to quickly analyze documents without having to go one by one? Machine Learning and Cognitive Computing is the answer. The purpose of this internship is to build an application that will inspect documents (CV’s for example) and categorize them automatically. You will have the opportunity to work on an innovative project with Machine Learning and Cognitive computing! (full-remote will be considered)

    Desired Skills - Machine Learning, Python

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  • Promote NLG evolution with an innovative project!

    Do you think computers can analyze data? Of course they can… However, do you think that they can generate Natural Language as if they were a real person? This internship's purpose is to evolve the natural language generation platform regarding financial indicators. This internship will allow you to work on a state-of-the-art innovation system in a real work environment. If innovation is your middle name, this is the project to work on! You will have the opportunity to work with technologies such as Python, React and .Net Core. (full-remote will be considered)

    Desired Skills - Machine Learning, .NET Framework, ReactJS, Python

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This experience was important in my academic and professional career. Also fitted as a gateway to Syone due to the work done during the internship.
Rui Patornilho (2016)
With the success of different summer internships at Syone, opportunities are created for the company to attract new talent as well for those looking for a first job or even to gain more experience.
André Tomé (2016)
I felt that I had the freedom to choose how to reach the proposed goals and that my inputs were valued on the project I was working, even though I was an intern.
Francisco Silveira (2017)
The coaches were quite motivating throughout the internship, making me feel motivated every day. The techniques and methods have helped me a lot already in works for college along the year.
Beatriz Susano (2017)
I left the internship with a sense of accomplishment as well with the will to one day return to this great company. Today I am part of the team! So you know, do as I did and apply for Syone's Summer Internship.
Pedro Reganha (2016)

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