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Empowering Digital Transformation with Open Source solutions


Syone is the leading Open Source Solutions provider in Portugal.

We offer various IT Services including Outsourcing and Nearshore, Managed Services, Turnkey Projects and Software Subscriptions, to help organizations execute mission-critical projects and accelerate their Digital Transformation.

We are proud to be a recognized Competence Center for Open Source technologies, partnering with industry leaders like Red Hat, Elastic, Camunda, Couchbase, SUSE, Gitlab, Embarcadero, Syntevo, Zabbix, and Microsoft.

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Sailing Into the Open Future with Our Customers 

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We are ready to help you stay ahead in the market with our top-notch IT solutions.
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Our Certifications

These achievements reaffirm our commitment to clients, partners, and employees in delivering high-quality products and services as well as maintaining strong information security standards and management systems, safeguarding customer data confidentiality, integrity, and availability.





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Let's Sail Into the Open Future Together

We are determined to be the leading competency center for Open-Source Technologies. We aim to be your trusted partner, building strong relationships, enabling success and driving growth through our expertise and commitment to excellence.


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