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Life @ Syone: in and out

Corporate Social Responsibility, Code of Conduct & Ethics

The importance of being a Syoner

Our values reflect the ethical conduct by which we are guided, make decisions and act. We believe that honesty, integrity and trust are the business foundations, that's why all company actions are based on the highest ethical and legal standards.


Syone - get fullr eport



We want awesome people in our team. It doesn’t matter if you have pink hair, no hair at all or if you practice curling (well, that’s unusual). Anyway, our statement is that we believe in integration and equal opportunities to everyone. Our focus is to work with great people that have a respectful and collective sense for our environment.

UP Team: from Syoners to the community 

Every month, our team has the opportunity to experience something new: a cooking class, a kart race, surfing lessons, etc. The activities are sponsored by Syone, and in return we encourage Syoners to donate resources to support a good cause. In the end of every year, all the funds raised are donated to an institution. In the past years we helped:
União Zoófila - defend, protect and treat domestic animals in jeopardy.
Acreditar – a portuguese association for children with cancer.

And we like to do more 

Regularly we help institutions that do a great job and that we admire. Some of them are:
Refood – eliminates the food waste and hunger in local communities.
IPST - the Instituto Português do Sangue e da Transplantação appreciates blood donations so they can save more lives.
Corrida Sempre Mulher – this race has the goal to raise funds to a Portuguese Association that supports Women Breast Cancer.

Lifeguard Team 

Resgate - Associação de Nadadores Salvadores do Litoral Alentejo – is also one of our beneficiaries. They are a rescue team that works in Portuguese shores saving lives and serving the community.

Syone Sailing Team 

We are sponsors of ONE, Syone’s boat (AKA Tejo’s Ferrari).

Sailing is an activity that we are related to. To be successful in this sport, you need collaboration, dedication, focus, the best team and, specially, passion for challenges. To achieve our goals in making IT clever it's the same.

Besides, it’s an awesome way to take our company to other shores, literally.

Want to know more about our values?

Syone - get fullr eport