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Digital Transformation

Be a disrupter instead of being disrupted: adopt and adapt!



The benefits of a Digital Transformation Strategy

Agility & innovation

Agility & innovation

Increase the use of technology to improve the experience of your employees, customers, suppliers, partners and stakeholders. Consolidate processes and operations for better results!

More knowledge

More knowledge

Keep updated with the new technologies and skills as they grow: artificial intelligence, augmented reality, cloud computing, machine learning, data exploration/analytics, growth hacking.

Customer experience

Customer experience

It’s simple: be customer-centric! Use all the tools and technology to understand your consumers behaviour and interests and improve their experience with your product/service.

Set04-Automate processes

Automate processes

Increase the productivity of your team by automating simple daily tasks or even big strategies that can be done by a software. Save time and money.

Be a data-driven company

Be a data-driven company

Trust on metrics instead of “feelings” and analyse the data gained with your operation to understand customers and turn it into real-time actions.


Reduce risks

Integrate digital technology into all your business areas to eliminate maximum bottlenecks. Ensure nothing is missed and that every issue is answered easily.

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Digital Business Transformation testimonial

"We now serve 30.000 customers a week. Handling that operational scale without investment into IT and technology is not possible. Syone has been a huge part of our success in being able to digitalize our value chain."

Alexander Aagreen, CTO @ Linas Matkasse Group

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Lift and Shift to the Cloud

Host your data, applications or other business elements in the most effective IT environment. We’ll help you define and plan your cloud roadmap and execute your migration to the cloud. Once you’re set up, we can work to take advantage of your new cloud-based solutions.

Benefit from agility and scalability, operational efficiency, increased security, bundled services, higher availability and cost savings.


Application modernization with containers & microservices

Boost your application to keep up with the challenges of agility, operational efficiency and customer experience.

We can rewrite existing application codes to more modern ones, web-friendly programming language or placing a web interface in front of an outdated application. This way it's possible to redefine and align your apps to meet current business goals.




We can integrate developers and operations teams to improve collaboration and productivity by automating infrastructure, automating workflows and continuously measuring applications performance. This way, deliver features, fixes and updates frequently and faster. All of that aligned with your business goals.

Let us help you add more value to your company and innovate faster.



Digital Transformation Framework

Rely on digital technologies to upgrade your business model and provide new revenue with a more intelligent management.

Turn paper into electronic information and digital processes.

Be able to monitor your operation with connected products/services and control systems, in addition to apps and analytics. Connect the systems that monitor not only the inputs, but also de outputs.



Mobile 1st Applications

Since 2016, mobile internet usage has surpassed desktop usage. That’s why the mobile-first concept is so important.

Today’s mobile initiatives walk side by side with User Experience and User Interface design, meaning it's totally consumer-focused.

We can help you focus on what is really important: core content, easy navigation, and increased visibility and reach.



Middleware (Development)

We can design and develop middleware tailored to your needs and enable communication and data management between different applications.

We have experience in application server, message-oriented, web middleware and much more.



API Management

We're using more APIs than ever. This way, you will need a central location to monitor their security, application connections and traffic.

Check how Syone’s solutions can help you create new business values for your customers and partners.



Digital Transformation Technologies

microsoft azure
red hat openshift
redhat 3scale
redhat fuse
redhat amq
sap fiori

Our Services


Nearshore & IT Ousourcing

Don't let the distance keep your company apart from its goals.

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Managed Services

Anticipate your needs for, a range of processes and functions to improve operations and reduce expenses

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hero turnkey projects

Turnkey Projects

We will be responsible for your project, from beginning to end.

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Software Subscriptions

We can help you find the best software solutions for your business with Red Hat, Elastic, Camunda, Couchbase, SUSE, Gitlab, Embarcadero, Syntevo & Zabbix

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24-7_Support Services


We prioritize your users' needs by creating positive experiences that foster loyalty to your product, service, or brand.

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QA & Testing Services

By investing in testing, you can save time, ensure your product's quality, prevent bugs, reduce development costs, and improve performance.

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