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Your Team's AI Assistant 

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Transform your work life with ezSearch - an AI search solution that makes it easy to find information, manage tasks and connect with your team, clients and partners.



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ezSearch is an AI-powered productivity solution designed to make your teams' work life easier and more productive.


ezSearch is an innovative framework designed to simplify searching and accessing information across various document sources, like your company's Microsoft Sharepoint, while creating content based on the information found.

It meets the needs of companies that require high data security and compliance, such as legal services, healthcare, finance, energy, and government, as well as organizations looking to leverage AI technologies for improved decision-making and operational efficiency.


How it Works

Knowledge search made easy.

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Begin your search journey by simply entering a prompt in ezSearch's user-friendly chat interface.
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ezSearch looks through indexed documents to find information related to your inquiry.
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ezSearch presents the requested information along with the documents containing it.

ezSearch simplifies the process of finding relevant information across various document repositories, empowering organizations to harness the full potential of their data while maintaining the highest security standards within its cloud environment.

Main Benefits

It's all about making your work life easier.


Intelligent Search

Locate documents on specific topics, empowering you to make informed decisions and complete tasks efficiently.


Document Finder

ezSearch quickly finds documents, presentations, and contacts related to your query, saving you time and effort.


Content Generation

Save time by letting ezSearch generate content that matches the context of your query, such as summaries of lengthy documents.



By offering real-time translation capabilities, ezSearch enables users to communicate effectively across linguistic barriers, facilitating international collaboration and fostering cross-cultural understanding.

Key Contact Information

Easily locate experts within your organization who can help you with specific tasks or projects or find important contact details for clients and partners in seconds.

Doc-Level Access Control

Ensure the security of sensitive information by managing access permissions at the document level, providing peace of mind and regulatory compliance.

More Features

  • Seamless Data Integration

    ezSearch effortlessly imports documents from multiple sources ensuring a comprehensive and unified search experience.

  • Advanced AI-Powered Search

    ezSearch transforms complex queries into actionable insights, enhancing decision-making and boosting productivity

  • Customizable Deployment

    ezSearch offers a customizable solution that can be tailored to specific business needs, making it easy for organizations to deploy and manage their unique search requirements.

  • Robust Data Security

    With encryption, customer-managed keys, and compliance with leading industry standards (Soc2, ISO, HIPAA, CSA STAR), ezSearch ensures the highest levels of data protection and privacy within your Azure environment.

  • Scalable Environment

    ezSearch provides scalability, performance, and reliability for even the most demanding search needs.

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ezSearch provides your company with secure and tailored access to your most relevant information, enabling you to easily find what you need, connect with the right people and get things done.


Don't let information silos and cluttered systems hold back your team's productivity.

Start now!

Say hello to your new team's AI assistant!

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Embrace ezSearch and enable your teams to work smarter and drive your company's growth.


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