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We are a Camunda Partner

Together with Camunda, we'll enable your organization to orchestrate processes across people, systems, and devices to continuously overcome complexity and increase efficiency.

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We are your Camunda Partner in Portugal:

Syone was recognized as Camunda Partner in 2022. Together with Camunda, we enable organizations to design, orchestrate and improve processes — no matter where they are and what they entail.

Design and Connect 
Business users collaborate with developers to model their end-to-end business processes, then deployed for automation.

Automate and Monitor
People, systems, devices — orchestrate anything from end to end. Bring together your legacy systems, RPA bots, microservices, and more.

Improve and Optimize 
Make improvements in a continuous and collaborative cycle. Visual reports and heatmaps help identify process improvements that can immediately be made.

What we do:


⟩  Replace Homegrown Workflow Solutions
Together we offer a compelling alternative to homegrown software: it’s lightweight and developer friendly, highly embeddable, and highly customizable.

⟩  Modernize Legacy Business Process Management Systems (BPMS) 
We advise you to migrate to Camunda Platform if you are stuck with a legacy BPMS product and you find it too heavyweight, restrictive, or expensive. Alongside with Camunda we assure you that this migration is fairly straightforward.

⟩ Build a Centralized Process Automation Platform
Side by side with Camunda we provide you a solid foundation for a centralized process automation platform that will enable teams to automate a wide variety of business processes from end to end.

⟩  Modernize Legacy IT Systems
In cooperation with Camunda, we offer a lightweight solution that can help you retire homegrown software, orchestrate both monoliths and microservices, reduce RPA bot overhead, and increase business agility.

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