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Observability & Data Monitoring: Understand, Troubleshoot, Analyse your System's Behavior by Observing its Outputs

Stay competitive, agile, and resilient in an ever-changing technology landscape.

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Why use Observability?


Faster Incident
Response Times

Pinpoint the root cause of a problem quickly, and identify the source of an issue rapidly, allowing teams to take corrective action immediately.


Improved User

Improve the user experience by providing insights into user behavior and application performance.


Better Business Outcomes

Organizations can achieve better business outcomes by gathering application performance and behavior insights.


Enhance Collaboration and Knowledge Sharing

Get a unified view of system behavior, helping different teams who work together to resolve issues, optimize performance, and share insights.


Improved Security and Compliance

Provide insights into system behavior and user activity by identifying and mitigating security threats quickly, helping reduce the risk of data breaches and other security incidents.

Log Monitoring

Log monitoring provides numerous advantages for organizations, including improved troubleshooting and root cause analysis, faster incident response times, better compliance and security, enhanced performance and optimization, and increased visibility into overall system health and performance.

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Application Performance Monitoring (APM)

Application Performance Monitoring (APM) provides deep visibility into cloud-native and distributed applications, enabling quick identification and resolution of issues. It supports various programming languages, OpenTelemetry, and distributed tracing, allowing users to improve their code quality. Smarter sampling and dependency mapping options help identify issues, and machine learning and AIOps facilitate root cause analysis. CI/CD pipeline visibility provides insight into error-prone jobs and slow builds, and open standards support ensures maximum flexibility and future-proofing of observability investments.

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Infrastructure Monitoring

Streamline the collection and management of logs, metrics, and other monitoring data for comprehensive and modern infrastructure monitoring. Get advanced visibility into all infrastructure performance and enable users to pinpoint full-stack problems, while the platform allows for exploration of all monitoring data and faster troubleshooting.

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Real User Monitoring

Real User Monitoring (RUM) offers solutions to provide full visibility into user interactions and performance. It collects, measures, and analyzes performance data that reflects real-world user experiences. Users can visualize key user performance metrics, filter data by variables such as browser, device, and location, and trace user experience across the entire hybrid cloud ecosystem.

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Synthetic Monitoring

This solution proactively monitors the availability and functionality of user journeys, tracks the availability of services from external endpoints, and tests user journeys to deliver a great customer experience. You can simulate the user experience across multi-step journeys and capture a detailed breakdown of status information and errors. Furthermore, synthetic monitoring can be integrated with full-stack observability solutions to measure important key metrics to the business and deliver real-time insights and reliability of services to stakeholders.

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