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We are Zabbix Partner in Portugal



We are Zabbix Partner in Portugal

Syone was recognised as Zabbix Partner and Authorized Reseller. Zabbix has a monitoring software and offers a wide range of professional services from consultancy to turn-key solutions, 24/7 technical support, and professional multilevel training. With Syone and Zabbix together you can expect:

  • Unlimited scalability

    From monitoring your smart home to multi-tenant enterprise environments - Zabbix is scalable to any infrastructure.

  • Distributed monitoring

    Deploy and scale a distributed Zabbix infrastructure from a central Web UI with native encryption support between all of the components.

  • High security

    Keep your sensitive information secure by storing it in an external vault.

  • High availability

    Ensure 24/7 uptime and eliminate the risk of data loss for your Zabbix infrastructure with Zabbix high availability solution.

  • Flexibility

    Monitor whatever you want - Zabbix comes with many different ways to collect data, transform it, analyze and visualize it.


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What we do:


Metric Collection from any Source

Problem Detection Instantly

Alerts on Critical Issues

Data Visualization 

Single Pane of Glass of your Infrastructure

Business and KPI's Monitoring 

Easy Integrations

High Security and Scalability

Fast Deployment



Our Solutions

hero cloud


Use Cloud Solutions to gain more time to do what you do best: growing your business.

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hero data management

Data Management

Unlock significant value with organised and real-time big data.

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hero-digital transformation

Digital Transformation

Use technology to improve the experience of your company and customers.

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hero IT Infrastructure

IT Infrastructure

Scale-out your IT infrastructure and deploy fast business solutions.

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hero-image Machine Learning

Machine Learning & AI

Get the most out of your data, even when you are not looking at it.

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Software development

Software Development

Become Digital and increase the effectiveness of your operations.

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Our Services


Nearshore & IT Ousourcing

Don't let the distance keep your company apart from its goals.

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hero outsourcing 01

Managed Services

Anticipate your needs for, a range of processes and functions to improve operations and reduce expenses

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hero turnkey projects

Turnkey Projects

We will be responsible for your project, from beginning to end.

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hero 247 support

Software Subscriptions

We can help you find the best software solutions for your business with Red Hat, Elastic, Camunda, Couchbase, SUSE, Gitlab, Embarcadero, Syntevo & Zabbix

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24-7_Support Services


We prioritize your users' needs by creating positive experiences that foster loyalty to your product, service, or brand.

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hero software subscription

QA & Testing Services

By investing in testing, you can save time, ensure your product's quality, prevent bugs, reduce development costs, and improve performance.

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