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Outsourcing in Portugal

Hire top tech talent and quickly scale your delivery capacity without having to change your internal structure.



Why choose IT Outsourcing?

With a worldwide coverage and offices in Lisbon and Porto, our HR team scouts and hires the best talent for your projects, wherever you are!

The secret to our incredible IT Outsourcing Services, is our multidisciplinary team of experts specialised in a wide range of technologies and softwares. They share their knowledge with all newcomers, including the ones that might be integrating your team. Together, we carefully review the project requirements so our HR team can find the best fits.

200 it professionals

200 IT Professionals

Rely on specialised developers, UX/UI designers, project managers, scrum masters, agile coaches, architects, testers and more.

20 years of Experience

20 Years of Experience

Our 20 years of experience allow us to deliver the best solutions for our clients, in a wide range of services.

Lower risks and cost effectiveness

Lower Risks & Cost Effectiveness

Reduce operational costs and control your budgets. Share your business risks and let us manage your teams.

become more efficicent

Become more efficient

Increase your efficiency and delivery capacity by focusing on your clients instead of your teams.

worldwide operation

Worldwide Operation

Our HR team scouts and hires the best talent for your projects, wherever you are.

Continuous training

 Continuous Training

At Syone, we provide continuous training and knowledge sharing to all member of the team.

Agility & Scalability

Agility & Scalability

Our specialised and experienced HR team allows us to quickly respond to your needs.

Continuous Support

Continuous Support

We provide continuous support to help you efficiently scale your team up or down.


Find out which type of Outsourcing you need

We know that every company's needs are completely different, therefore, we are as flexible as possible, making us the best IT outsourcing company in Portugal!



How it works

How it Works:


Step 1 - Tell us your challenge

Tell us your challenge and we will define the objectives together.


Step 2 - Scouting

Once we've carefully reviewed your project requirements and have a good understanding of your needs, our HR team will select the best candidates for the job!


Step 3 - Choose your team

Choose the candidates that best suits you from the profiles presented and start interviewing!


Step 4 – Ready, set, go!

Once you've selected your dream team, you’ll get an estimated value in a few days. Once we’ve sealed the deal, we'll have your team up and running in 1-3 weeks!


Step 5 - Transition

Together we’ll develop a plan for the project and define timings. We’ll do an onboarding training with the new team and then the team manager will keep up with them on their first days at your office.


Step 6 – Continuous monitoring and evaluation

We’ll set up periodic meetings to evaluate the team’s performance and the project’s development. This way we can make changes if needed.


Syone is your TOP choice for an Outsourcing Company in Portugal. Want to know why?




Our Solutions

hero cloud


Use Cloud Solutions to gain more time to do what you do best: growing your business.

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hero data management

Data Management

Unlock significant value with organised and real-time big data.

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hero-digital transformation

Digital Transformation

Use technology to improve the experience of your company and customers.

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hero IT Infrastructure

IT Infrastructure

Scale-out your IT infrastructure and deploy fast business solutions.

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hero-image Machine Learning

Machine Learning & AI

Get the most out of your data, even when you are not looking at it.

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Software development

Software Development

Become Digital and increase the effectiveness of your operations.

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