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What does Tinder, Netflix and EDP have in common?

EDP Client Case


Check how the largest Portuguese electric utility company achieved Business Innovation with the simple use of Data Insights.

Download the case to check this story!

Download the case!


Data insight is not a tool anymore, is a new language

Nowadays an organization’s ability to drive above-market growth
hinges on its capacity to extract, analyse and retrieve insights from this data,
and then translate these insights into business-oriented decisions.

Download this Case Study and find out how Syone helped EDP create a solution that:


Collects information

from files to databases, from webservices to API’s


Transforms information

in timely indexed data, favouring faster and more accurate


data to Elasticsearch


for data patterns


searched data through multiple graphic views

Understand how Elastic’s technology for data search analytics allowed EDP to experience a huge increase in productivity, along with: 
  • Immediate notification when an event occurs;

  • Query operational data on Elastic;

  • Reduction in time to perform event analysis;

  • Analyse all events (100m/day);

  • Immediate identification of the origin of errors;

download the pdf

“I find it incredible that before it would take days to get access to one log. Now, with this new solution, it only takes seconds. This way EDP manages to register all the 5 million daily messages in Elastic, and they can do the tracing of each one of them with one simple click.”

João Perdigão

Solution Architect / EDP





Watch this talk about the Case Study

On January 27th, Syone shared this Case Study at the Microsoft Building the Future 2022. Syone's CTO João Dias and João Perdigão, EDP's Solution Architect discussed this Success Case by presenting how EDP, with the help of Syone, gained visibility into the health and performance of their business by collecting and processing data into meaningful insights. Fill out the form and get access to the full talk.



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