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A Successful VM
Migration to Azure
App Service

LMK Group Client Case


Check how the the largest meal kit supplier in the Nordics migrated their old CMS Module into Azure App Services, keeping the company in line with the newest systems.

Download the case to check this story!

Download the case!


Stop worrying about managing operating systems!

In this Case Study you will find out how Syone helped LMK Group with:



From Azure Virtual Machines to Azure App Services.


CI/CD Update

Replacement of Jenkins by Azure DevOps

Centralized deployment


All centralized in one platform

Download the case to check the new architecture, security features, DevOps process and Azure App Services advantages:
  • It’s easier to scale up and out;
  • Reduce infrastructure costs;
  • It's simple to manage all the instances;
  • Focus on what you really need to worry about;
  • Similar CI/CD pipelining;
  • Similar debugging and troubleshooting procedures.

download the pdf




About LMK Group

LMK Group was founded in 2008 with the vision of simplifying everyday life by offering a large variety of inspiring meals delivered directly to the customer’s front door. Today, the Group is the largest supplier of meal kits in the Nordic region and considers itself a leader in Scandinavian “food tech”.



About Syone

From Portugal to the world, Syone works with leading companies by implementing mission-critical projects and helping organisations to increase agility with Digital Transformation and Open Source technologies.