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A Successful Digital Transformation Case

MissingX Client Case


Check how Syone designed a cloud-ready solution, supported on Microsoft Azure, for the lost and found property platform of the future. Consequently, MissingX, stopped worrying about managing their operating systems and can easily scale up and out when there’s a higher network traffic demand, especially at specific times of the year.


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Azure App Services can bring a lot of benefits


In this Case Study, you will learn more about a solution which according to the Study “The Total Economic Impact of Microsoft Azure PaaS”, conducted by Forrester Consulting, can bring to your business:


466% on Return On Investment

Net Present Value

Increase in Net Present Value

IT Time Saved

Save 80% of IT Time

faster deployment

50% Faster Service Deployment

The Challenge

MissingX had a large monolithic system with an oversized database on-prem, that worked only for airports. Therefore, Syone kicks-off the Software Factory Services to:

  • Set up an Azure Cloud Infrastructure
  • Set up and Develop a new Core Application for the following functionalities -> User Management Module, Parcel Module and Rules Engine.

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About MissingX

Back in 2000, MissingX founders came together to make the lost property platform of the future. 

While the lost property offices of the world may offer services worth paying for, the online platform should be free and easy to use. Items found around the globe, including at some of the world's busiest airports, are listed on MissingX platform.

As a partner of British Transport Police and a member of Secured by Design, MissingX puts data security first.



About Syone

From Portugal to the world, Syone works with leading companies by implementing mission-critical projects and helping organisations to increase agility with Digital Transformation and Open Source technologies.