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Pingo Doce Data Driven Revolution:

Driving Retail Innovation

Client Case Study

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Facing the Challenge

 Discover how Pingo Doce overcame the hurdles of a dated infrastructure and outdated tools spread across 470 stores in Portugal. The need for market-driven improvements propelled them towards a strategic collaboration with Syone.

Unlocking Retail Excellence:
  • Embark on a Journey: explore the transformation of the supermarket giant Pingo Doce, part of Jerónimo Martins' Group, with over 5,300 global stores. Dive into a case study revealing their quest for operational efficiency and real-time insights.
  • Revolutionary Solution: a comprehensive platform refactoring and migration, resulting in streamlined operations, simplified dashboards, and real-time monitoring.
  • Immediate Benefits: from increased responsiveness and proactive error identification to comprehensive business data visibility and reduced infrastructure costs.
  • Syone's Excellence: witness the success of Pingo Doce's data-driven decisions, operational efficiency, and enhanced customer experience. The observability paradigm, incorporating monitoring, log management, ticketing, automation, and AI-OPS.


About Syone

From Portugal to the world, Syone works with leading companies by implementing mission-critical projects and helping organizations to increase agility with Digital Transformation and Open Source technologies.