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Syone organized the first Red Hat Event in Porto


Syone organized the first Red Hat Event in Porto, on May 28th, gathering the biggest national and international companies 


The Executive Event - Red Hat: Open Source Technologies for the Enterprise - on May 28th, in Porto, gathered 60 attendees from big companies of different sectors and 8 speakers. The presentations were about Red Hat solutions and Syone’s know-how about the development and implementation of this open source technology.

In the morning, 2 client use cases were presented to demonstrate how international customers dealt, together with Syone, with highly complex projects in Red Hat Openshift and Red Hat Satellite. Also, the attendees saw the most important news announced at the Red Hat Summit 2019, the biggest event of the American multinational, that took place in Boston in beginning of May. The release of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 was one of the announcements, one of the most innovative operating systems in the world. 


Syone and Red Hat Executive Event 2019


In the afternoon session, the approach was more technical and the attendees could check new types of architectures in cloud environments, a relevant topic if we consider the growth of this type of solution and service. Also, some live demos about Red Hat Ansible, Virtualization and Satellite were presented, concluding the day with a Hands-on-session about Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery with Red Hat OpenShift.

This first event in Porto helped a lot of companies allocated in the north of the country to learn about Red Hat solutions and the skills of Syone, the biggest Red Hat partner in Portugal, focused in leveraging digital transformation through this technology.

According to Hugo Oliveira, CMO at Syone, "This initiative allowed us to increase these companies interaction with one of the most powerful open source technologies in the world and, most importantly, to firm Syone's investment in the expansion of its activity to the north of Portugal".

Syone is the biggest Red Hat partner in Portugal and is recognized as “Premier Business Partner”, the highest partnership status. Syone has implemented this technology in several clients, national and international ones, and it’s already considered the 'Best Portuguese Partner'.