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January 26 — Lisbon, PT // Building The Future 2023 brought together around 15,000 participants including experts, industry leaders, and tech enthusiasts to discuss the future of technology and how you can use it to solve real-world problems.

BTF stage


On the last day of the Building the Future event, Luís Neves Dias, CSO @ Syone, and Flávio Costa Romão, COO @ Link Redglue discussed artificial intelligence as a business assistance tool. A hot topic example is ChatGPT, an open-to-the-public tool that helps the user but does not replace it, bridging the efficiency between human work and the increasingly deep support of AI for businesses today.

Luís Neves Dias explains why data-driven decisions based on two drivers - strategy and culture of use - are crucial. In this vector he is an advocate that the potential lies in gathering the proper information, not in quantity but in quality, the data-driven mindset' companies will move away from a hierarchical decision-making structure, towards a more central decision-making process, bringing the data to the center of the decision.



On the main stage, the attendees were able to hear about one of Syone's client, a german Media Company that has a solution based on Machine Learning to gather information about their users' search trends. This way, they are able to create future suggestions based on behavior, and automatically monetizing the use of such suggestions.

During the talk, the speakers discussed cases from different industries. From retail to banking, AI is a plus that will drive a business with more customized and refined decisions based on consumer behavior information, whether individual or collective. This way, it is possible to make business more sustainable, and more profitable, with lower costs and resource optimization. In other words, AI may not be at the foundation (yet!) but will certainly be the key to management transformation of your business!


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