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Learn all about OpenShift and Hybrid Cloud






Webinar-on-demand: Dive into the NEW OpenShift 4.8 and embrace Hybrid Cloud

In this webinar, we'll introduce you to Openshift 4.8 and the Hybrid cloud as well as providing a scenario with Microsoft Azure.

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About the Webinar

As the hybrid cloud market evolves with hyperscalers, like Microsoft Azure, coming on-premises, the control plane for cloud orchestration will become more vital if organisations want to retain choice and flexibility. Trying to keep up and get ahead of market needs, several industries from banking and finance to e-commerce are leveraging OpenShift to create and deploy new applications.

Recently, Red Hat announced OpenShift 4.8, the latest version of the industry’s leading enterprise Kubernetes platform, aiming to provide a powerful foundation to develop and connect diverse workloads across the hybrid cloud.

There's a trend for application usage on Kubernetes, including a wide variety of workloads deployed on containers and Kubernetes:

  • Databases or data cache
  • Data ingestion, cleansing, analytics
  • Logging and monitoring
  • Web and application servers
  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning software
  • Custom apps based on Java and Microsoft .NET frameworks

As new customer goals continue to create room for market innovation, we invite you to join this session and understand how organisations like yours can accelerate the creation of new cloud-native applications without abandoning existing environments and IT investments.

tiago fonseca

Tiago Fonseca

Chief Commercial Officer @ Syone
joao dias-1

João Dias

Chief Technology Officer @ Syone


  • Introduction to Digital Transformation
  • What is OpenShift and the Hybrid Cloud
  • Create a Hybrid Cloud scenario with Microsoft Azure
  • What's new on OpenShift 4.8
  • Hybrid Cloud Benefits
  • Packs & Prices

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