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February 6th, 2019

Join this live stage webinar to check Syone's talk about Natural Language at Microsoft Building the Future 2019


The Building the Future event, promoted by Microsoft, brought together 3.000 people to the Pavilhão Carlos Lopes, on January 29th and 30th, and was without a doubt a success!

As Microsoft's Gold Partner, Syone was there as a sponsor with Tiago Fonseca, Chief Commercial Officer, to talk about Intelligent Agents and Artificial Intelligence.

Knowing that companies are now producing large amounts of data, it is crucial to rely on technology to be able to extract valuable insights in a timely manner.

Check below the live stage webinar of this new concept of BOT: Natural Language Processing and Natural Language Generation (NLG Engine developed by Syone), a technology that is applied to process massive amounts of information into natural text and speech.



If you want more information about this technology or any similar one, we'll be happy to schedule a meeting and demonstrate how you can apply it to your business.

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