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NOVA IMS invites Syone to present a Camunda Use Case



February 22nd, 2023 – Lisbon, PT // Syone was invited by NOVA IMS to be part of the Information Systems Seminars, featuring some of today’s most important tech companies. These sessions are integrated into a curricular unit of the bachelor's program in Information Systems, Information Management, and Data Science, however, everyone was welcome to attend.
The session took place at the INE Auditorium of NOVA IMS with the purpose of connecting students to relevant tech companies, as well as their technologies and market strategies.
Syone, as a leading open-source solutions company and a Camunda Partner in Portugal, decided to present a use case of how this open-source tool helps companies to transform their processes toward a digital future. 
Representing Syone on the stage were André Mendonça, Senior Business Analyst, Ricardo Marcão, Team Manager and part of APMP – Association of Proposal Management Liberty (NY, USA), PMI Portugal and PMI South Florida (Miami, USA), and Beatriz Vaz, Project Manager.
syone team

Students and attendees could learn from a Camunda Journey Case Study related to a Southern African Bank project. This project aims to automatize the accounting process of international transactions, working on variables such as document validation, exchange rate conversion, swift message, and data extraction.
The seminar made it clear how Camunda enables organizations to design, orchestrate, and improve processes — no matter where they are and what they entail – enhancing project management and continuous improvement in hybrid methodologies. Syone also used Camunda to transform and digitalize its projects lifecycle processes according to the PMI and APMP best practices.
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