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Syone expects to exceed the results of the last 5 years


Syone continues to grow and is expected to exceed the history of the last 5 years


Syone ended the third quarter of 2018 with a turnover of 6,6 million euros, an increase of 24,64% YOY

Syone surpasses again its goals and closes the third quarter of 2018 with a turnover of 6,6 million euros. This value represents an increase of 24,64% when compared to the same period of the previous year, which shows that Syone will reach and exceed the objective defined for the end of this year. These results are explained by the increase of international presence which still represents more than 50% of the company’s revenue, and strengthen activity at a national level, especially on the North of Portugal.

According to Tiago Fonseca, Sales Director da Syone – ‘We have already exceeded the billing amount from 2017, which together with the percentage increase over the same period, indicates that the company will exceed its growth trend of the last 5 years.’

The areas that have shown the highest growth were the adoption of Hybrid Clouds supported by Syone’s partnerships with Red Hat and Microsoft, and the Managed Services area carried out by our Software Factory, focusing on Application Modernization.

80 new employees and 20 jobs opening until the end of the year

Besides its financial growth, the Portuguese Tech company shows a strong increase in Human Resources. Since the beginning of this year, Syone hired more than 80 employees and expects to have 20 more job openings until the end of the year.

The biggest Open Source event in Portugal

Beyond the continuous participation in international and national events with clients and partners, Syone organized Open Source Lisbon 2018, the biggest Open Source event in Portugal and one of the world’s most inspiring events dedicated to open source technologies. The event took place on September 27th at ‘Cidade do Futebol’, counting with more than 30 speakers, of which 16 were international, and 419 participants from different nationalities and business areas. ‘The result is extremely positive, we have achieved and surpassed all goals that we had set, and I think that we were at the highest level of production and accomplishment of this event, which is already a brand “per se” ’ says Eduardo Taborda, Managing Director da Syone.




Office Renovation

In response to the company’s accentuated growth, Syone expanded and renovated its office in Lisbon. According to Eduardo Taborda, Managing Director da Syone, ‘our software factory continues to grow, which forced the expansion of our offices and a complete renovation. The main orientation was to provide more quality of life and comfort to the company’s employees, while ensuring quality work environment and future expansion capacity for more Syoners’.




The result of this third quarter of 2018 confirms again company's success and sustaining strong grow. The Portuguese Tech continue investing in its international operation and new strategic partnerships during this year.