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Syone and Elastic present solutions to Big Data Challenges


Syone and Elastic present solutions to the Big Data World Challenges


Syone and its tech partner Elastic (the company behind Elasticsearch and Elastic Stack) presented solutions to the big data challenges at a joint event held in Lisbon under the name ‘Discover the Expected, Uncover the Unexpected’.

The event took place on May 18 at Altis Belem Hotel and participants from several organizations were able to explore the potential of Elastic technologies in solving problems and challenges that they currently face in the Big Data world.

The event began with the intervention of Eduardo Taborda (Managing Director at Syone) and continued with presentations by Tiago Fonseca (Sales Director at Syone), António Grenhas from Cetelem who presented an implemented use case, Hans Bakker (EMEA Business Development Director) and Matias Cascallares (Solutions Architect), both from Elastic.

This opportunity allowed all attendees to learn firsthand the Elastic technology benefits, about which Syone provides expert consulting services.