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Syone is investing in Cybersecurity and forming a team to safeguard the future



May 28th, 2023 – Lisbon, PT //  

Syone, the leading Open Source Solutions company in Portugal, has announced a major expansion into the field of cybersecurity. With a strong commitment to staying at the forefront of technological advancements, Syone aims to provide comprehensive solutions to clients by addressing the increasing need for robust cybersecurity measures. The company has built a dedicated cybersecurity team with safeguarding digital assets, to fortify defenses against evolving threats.

To ensure the success of their cybersecurity endeavors, Syone is actively recruiting professionals at various levels of expertise. The company is seeking talented individuals passionate about cybersecurity to join their newly established team. Available positions include: Security Analyst, Junior Security Engineer, Cyberculture Project Manager, CSIRT Analyst, Incident Officer, DLP Policies Architect, Senior Security Architect, and Governance Risk and Compliance Specialist.

Syone invites interested individuals to apply for these job opportunities and be part of shaping the future of cybersecurity. Detailed job descriptions and the application process can be found on the company's career page.

Syone is preparing for 2023 with many new developments and challenges, with the expectation of presenting more innovative solutions and services, continuing its trajectory of success. The company remains true to its mission of being a reference in Open Source technologies, always offering the best solutions for their clients and growth opportunities for their employees.

With this expansion into cybersecurity, Syone reinforces its position as a leader in providing comprehensive technology services. The company's proactive approach to addressing cybersecurity challenges will contribute to a safer digital landscape for businesses and individuals alike.