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Lisbon, August 3rd, 2020 – After Syone’s successful 2019, and despite the world’s current pandemic state, 2020 is bringing good results. A sustainable growth span across the first semester, with a particular 69,4% increase in June, represents an 8,6% growth by comparing to the homologous period.


Syone 1st semester



"After 3 years of consecutively growing between 15 and 30%, our main goal for 2019 was to consolidate our international operation, which was achieved with the acquisition of new clients in the areas of Benelux and the Nordic countries, where we expanded our installed base to new geographies. Furthermore, we reached the objective of surpassing the 10 million euros in revenue, which leaves us very satisfied and with the feeling of mission accomplished! During the first semester of 2020, Syone continued to exceed expectations, a result brought by the dedication and commitment of all employees through these difficult times of such uncertainty at an economic and financial level. In the first six months of the year we managed to grow our business and show our clients the importance of technology for companies, especially in a situation like the one we are living in. We’ve received several messages of appreciation and praise from clients, for our commitment and dedication.” - Eduardo Taborda, CEO Syone.



Syone office II-1



When the World was forced to stay at home to protect itself from coronavirus, Syone immediately shifted to home office, making sure that everyone had all the tools and means to safely work at 100%, and the results couldn’t be better. During this period, which started on March 13th until today, Syone employees have been working full remote from their homes, ensuring their safety, minimizing the risks of spreading the virus, both to the company and the community, with an amazing performance.



Syone office I



At this point, Syone has already gathered all the safety measures needed for its teams to go back and enjoy the offices. Still favoring the remote work, but paying attention to all employees’ needs, by allowing voluntarily return to office. Focused on its employees, Syone looked for a way to measure the level of satisfaction with the conditions given by the company during this home office period. The internal survey, conducted by the HR team had amazing results, by revealing that 93% of employees’ productivity remained the same or even increased, and 61% felt a positive impact in their work-life balance.


"Syone recognizes its employees as the key to success. This was reflected by the incredible results achieved by the company in such a deliciated moment, as the whole world was forced into. Despite the extreme calamity of the current days, Syone attained a positive outcome that will transform our business model, allowing a greater flexibility, namely by adopting the possibility of home office.” - João Gomes, CHRO Syone.