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Syone launches Up On Academy


Syone launches a live training and recruitment program


Up On Academy it’s a live training and recruitment program launched by Syone in the begging of the year, with the goal of qualifying and developing new professionals to join the company in the different projects, promoting continuous training to youngers looking for the first job or career changing.

All participants have the opportunity to develop hard and soft skills and be involved in real IT projects since day one, counting on experts for support and mentoring.

For Eduardo Taborda, Syone’s Managing Director, “the continuous growing Syone is experiencing raised the challenge and the importance of the company’s HR area in resourcing, particularly in the selection, recruitment and retention of talent. Human Resources has become one of the most strategic areas at Syone, in terms of market competitiveness due to the IT Sector current context.

About this initiative, Eduardo Taborda states that “Up On Academy comes as a response to this growing challenge and helps to solve this problem while fighting unemployment and creating new talents in the IT world. For those seeking a career change It is a unique and ideal opportunity to do so. It combines concrete and specific training in technology with the opportunity to integrate real projects immediately”.

Syone’s Managing Director believes in the Up On Academy success and concludes that “we want to keep the recognition of the market and the success achieved by the previous editions. It’s great when we give people the chance to do the revamp of their careers, especially when they come from areas other than IT.”

The program has two editions, the first in Java programming and the second in Robotic Process Automation (RPA), and aims to be one of the company’s largest recruitment channels.

Soon, new Academies will be announced by Syone.