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Syone & Zabbix's Data Monitoring Events in Lisbon and Porto Attracted Technology Leaders and Innovators 



May 15th, 2023 – Lisbon, PT //

On May 10th and 11th, Syone and Zabbix organized two successful events about Data Monitoring in Porto and Lisbon, respectively. The events attracted over 50 attendees, including technology leaders and innovators interested in learning about the latest advances in data monitoring.

Ieva Laukmane, Project Manager @ Zabbix, spoke about the company and its solution for data monitoring, which has been implemented in Portugal by Syone.

Syone, a Zabbix partner, has been working to implement the Zabbix solution for data monitoring in Portugal. The events provided an opportunity for Syone to showcase its expertise in this area and share insights with attendees on how data monitoring can be used to enhance business performance.


The events featured presentations and discussions on a range of topics including real-time monitoring, data visualization, and the use of analytics to derive insights from data. Attendees had the opportunity to learn from experts in the field and exchange ideas with peers.

The success of these events underscores the growing importance of data monitoring in today's business environment. As companies increasingly rely on data to inform decision-making, the need for effective data monitoring solutions has become more pressing than ever. Syone and Zabbix are at the forefront of this trend, providing businesses with the tools and expertise they need to monitor and manage their data effectively.

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