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How to Drive Sales and Increase Revenue with Elasticsearch on your E-commerce


Learn how Syone managed to help Leroy Merlin upgrade their customer's digital experience by improving the kiosks and website search, the back office and website’s data management.


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Why Leroy Merlin invested in an Elasticsearch solution?


The consequences of a bad site search can be huge for a business. For example, 45% of people are less likely to make a purchase when an e-commerce loads slower than expected. Also, pages that load within 2 seconds have an average bounce rate of 9%. So, it's important to improve your website search to deliver the best user experience and eventually increase sale rates.

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Leroy Merlin's main challenge was to improve their client's shopping experience. Therefore, there was a need to create a digital solution that:

  • Helped customers locate products in the different sections;
  • Was able to scale easily as Leroy continued to expand their portfolio;
  • Had an effective e-commerce search engine in order to improve the platform’s performance and relevancy;
  • Solved the limitations offered by their previous proprietary solution.

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With the help of Syone, Leroy Merlin implemented a digital solution based on Elasticsearch that:

  • Was able to reduce costs by 40%;
  • Allows customers to search easily through 250k products, with results in 100 milliseconds;
  • Increased features and interactions on the in-store Kiosks and Website;
  • Gives Leroy Merlin full control over search relevance and users’ search experience;
  • Analyses customer behaviour in real-time and optimizes search engine to match user needs;
  • And more!

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About Syone

From Portugal to the world, Syone works with leading companies by implementing mission-critical projects and helping organisations to increase agility with Digital Transformation and Open Source technologies.


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